Evidence of Spring.


Since about June, I had been anticipating the snow and the frigidity of the winter. At first, it seemed like we were in for a brutal winter, getting a significant and disruptive amount of snow, I believe on the night between October 29th and 30th. We only got one snowfall more disruptive, if not more significant, which was on January 21st. Really, though the “October Snowstorm” as that unprecedented snowfall quickly came to be called, did not really affect any of us here. But to the north and west, there was indeed a wintry amount of snowfall. One month into autumn! Very uncommon. The mildness of the winter, apart from those two disappointing snowfalls, naturally gave way this past week to 60-degree temperatures. Outside in the backyard on Friday afternoon I saw the signs of spring conquer the somehow impotent force of cold.

The Conquerer

This is the first thing I noticed as I was taking my dog out to relieve herself. I was so happy that I could not mourn my lost winter!